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A campaign for the greastest works!

The AEUG aims at making the works we love released in France. On the occasion of Japan Expo, we will support two masterpieces of Japanese science fiction:

Mobile Suit Gundam – The Origin

The publication of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s manga began six years ago in France, but has almost stopped after the release of the 14th volume. Moreover, the first volumes are discontinued.

The AEUG needs you: let’s show Pika éditions how much we like the masterpiece that is Mobile Suit Gundam – The Origin and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s brilliant graphic style! Make yourself heard at Pika édition’s booth (BF36) and sign our petition, on the AEUG’s booth!

The Legend of Galactic Heroes (official international title)

The Legend of Galactic Heroes made its mark as a masterpiece. This long-running space opera depicts the war between the Galactic Reich and the Free Planets Alliance through their respective champions: Reinhard von Lohengamm and Yang Wen-li. This political and military epic story ride on the greatest classical music scores to achieve a rich and complex and mature work.

The AEUG aims at making this series released in France: in a real DVD box, on real DVDs and with a quality French traduction. If you have this dream in common with us, come to our booth and see what this French release would look like, and contribute to the Appeal for The Legend of Galactic Heroes!

Radio interview on France Bleu Hérault

An interview of the president of the AEUG on France Bleu Hérault, a regional radio station belonging to the French public-service radio broadcasting organization Radio France. As the journalist asks why manga and anime are so violent, the president of the AEUG explains why they are no more instrinsically violent than any other medium:

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