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Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) screening in Paris, July 4-5

900874GundamUCWAKANIMFrom the inception of the project, Mobile Suit Gundam UC has consistently seen a simultaneous worldwide release. For the concluding episode 7, with the desire to convey the ideas it contains to as many people as possible, screenings and events will be held throughout the world under the name of “A Message to the World.” Let’s share the final message of this story, which has continued for five years, with everyone in the world!

The European step of “A Message to the World” Project comes to Paris, at the famous theater Le Grand Rex, on July 4 and 5. More information here (in French).

In the occasion of this exceptional event for Gundam fans, you can win 5 tickets for the screenings (courtesy of Wakanim) and 5 GunPla offered by the AEUG!

Let’s meet on July 4 and 5 for this thrilling Gundam experience!

Two chances to meet the AEUG… at the same time!

On May 18-19, meet the AEUG twice: in Montpellier and Paris at the same time! The Association for the Expansion of the Gundam Universe will attend both Japan Sun and Epitanime.

Japan Sun schedule:

  • Saturday
    • 11-12 AM on main stage: Riddles
    • 3-4 PM in conference room: Dubbing sessions
    • 5-6 PM in activity tent: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure quiz
  • Sunday
    • 12-1 PM on main stage: Manga/Anime/VG quiz
    • 1-2 PM in activity tent: Dubbing sessions

At Epitanime, the AEUG will perform live Gunpla demo during the whole event, with building, mods and airbrush painting. Don’t miss it!

For more information on the events:

Results of the Gunpla Cartoonist contest


MG Z'Gok de CharMG Char's Z'GokMG シャア・アズナブル専用 ズゴック After a thrilling Cartoonist fair, here are the results of the Gunpla Cartoonist contest:

  • First place, Gundam AGE-1 Normal Gold Trophy, awarded by Tohru Furuya: the 1/100 Master Grade Char Aznable custom  Z’Gok, built by André C.
  • Second Place, Gundam AGE-1 Spallow Silver Trophy, awarded by Yasuyuki Muto: the 1/100 Master Grade Guncannon, built by Christophe J.
  • Third Place, Gundam AGE-1 Titus Bronze Trophy, awarded by the AEUG referees: the 1/144 High Grade Universal Century Gouf Custom, built by Guillaume M.

Besides the trophies and congratulations of our prestigious guests, the winners were given a 1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam, a 1/100 Master Grade Duel Gundam Assault Shroud and a 1/100 Master Grade Unicorn Gundam (OVA ver.).

We would like to express our gratitude to Tohru Furuya, Yasuyuki Mutou, Tomokazu Seki (whose schedule unfortunately did not permit to drop by our booth in time) and their interpreters, who contributed to the success of this countrywide Gunpla contest and made this event unforgettable.

The AEUG at the Cartoonist fair

logocartThe AEUG will take part in the Cartoonist fair, on April 20th and 21st, in Nice (France).

As befits celebrating the anniversary of such a prestigious event, the AEUG holds, along the activities scheduled in our dedicated room, two major attractions:

  1. A panel with voice actors Tohru Furuya (Amuro Ray, Pegasus Seiya) and Eric Legrand (Pegasus Seiya, Vegeta) about how they see dubbing from their respective countries. The panel is scheduled on sunday 1:30 PM.
  2. The Gunpla Cartoonist, first national Gunpla building contest in France! The entrant works are exhibited during the while event. The awarding ceremony is scheduled on sunday 4:40PM with the following guests:
    • Tohru Furuya (voice of Amuro Ray and Ribbons Almark)
    • Tomokaru Seki (voice of Domon Kasshu and Yzak Jule)
    • Yasuyuki Mutou (script on Mobile Suit Gundam UC)

We AEUG invite you to come to the greatest anime and manga event ever held in France, which will feature a whole crowd of prestigious guests. For more information, please refer to the Cartoonist’s official website.

Nous y serons !

New sponsor for the Gunpla Cartoonist contest


logo AIThe AEUG is proud to announce that Anime Import is the official sponsor of the Gunpla Cartoonist contest! Thank to our Italian fellows, we have a Master Grade 1/100 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud and a Master Grade 1/100 Unicorn Gundam to award to the second and third places of the contest. The prize for the winner is set to a Perfect Grade model

Aim at the top and become the Best French Gunpla Builder of this year! The entry form is open until Mars 31st, don’t miss that chance!

The Gunpla Cartoonist is held as part of the Cartoonist fair, on April 20th and 21st in Nice (south of France). There you can show your top builds to the public the whole week-end – to guests such as Tohru Furuya (voice of Amuro Ray) and Tomokazu Seki (voice of Domon Kasshu) – and compete for the title of Best French Gunpla Builder!