Report of Japan Expo 2013

kawamori_thThis year’s Japan Expo has been a chance for the AEUG to share its passion and make new encounters. We would to thank all the people who came to see us on our booth!

We are glad that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure gathered around our “JoJo wall” (pictures on our Facebook page), that Gundam fans were here for our twisted quizzes, that the Gundam Extreme Versus contest was still attractive and that our old mecha anime karaoke content so many hardcore fans.

We would like to thank mister akihiro Hino and Shoji Kawamori, the latter being now a honorary member of the AEUG!

We are also proud that a Japanese news website, iNSIDE, has written an article about us. Below you can find the translation of the entire article.

Once again, thank you everyody, and see you soon!

[JAPAN EXPO 2013] What’s up with Gundam fans in France? Report from the AEUG’s booth

iNSIDE– 2013/07/07 8 PM

We already know that Sunrise’s robot anime franchise “Mobile Suit Gundam” enjoys a lot of fans around the world, but here is the French “Association for the expansion of the Gundam universe” (“Association pour l’essor de l’univers Gundam” in French), or AEUG, named after the rebels in “Mobile Suit Z Gundam” and “Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ”.

The AEUG carries out a lot of activities in order to promote the Gundam franchise in French-speaking countries: they take part in events, hold workshops and even talk with Japanese companies to make them release unpublished anime and manga in France. Their website ( is also partly available in Japanese and English.

During this year’s Japan Expo, along with its main attraction – an exhibition of Gundam model kits – , the AEUG offered Gundam-themed quizzes, dubbing sessions, karaoke, Gunpla building workshops and a video game contest to the public.

It has to be said that the quality of their Gundam model kits is very high! Regarding techniques such as erasing seam lines, engraving panel lines, adding details, weathering, etc., they can compete with Japanese hobbyists!

The people from the AEUG show enthousiasm for Gunpla, all the more so as despite model kits and Japanese goodies shops exist in France, the shipping costs and shop’s share increase the price significantly.

The AEUG uses Japanese model kit books to learn new tricks, the books being of course written in Japanese. However, they manage to deal with it by studying this language and refering to the pictures. There were even children taking part in their Gunpla workshops.

The video games of the contest were in Japanese too, but despite the language barrier, people from the AEUG play like it’s nothing and do not encounter any problem with the user interface. It seems that when you like something, you can become really good at it.

All these activities prove the fantastic enthousiasm of the AEUG for Gundam. Even though a very few Japanese newsfeeds are oriented towards the West, they resolved to learn Japanese and enforce their own actions, which is a great effort to recognize.

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