Two chances to meet the AEUG… at the same time!

On May 18-19, meet the AEUG twice: in Montpellier and Paris at the same time! The Association for the Expansion of the Gundam Universe will attend both Japan Sun and Epitanime.

Japan Sun schedule:

  • Saturday
    • 11-12 AM on main stage: Riddles
    • 3-4 PM in conference room: Dubbing sessions
    • 5-6 PM in activity tent: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure quiz
  • Sunday
    • 12-1 PM on main stage: Manga/Anime/VG quiz
    • 1-2 PM in activity tent: Dubbing sessions

At Epitanime, the AEUG will perform live Gunpla demo during the whole event, with building, mods and airbrush painting. Don’t miss it!

For more information on the events:

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