The AEUG at the Cartoonist fair

logocartThe AEUG will take part in the Cartoonist fair, on April 20th and 21st, in Nice (France).

As befits celebrating the anniversary of such a prestigious event, the AEUG holds, along the activities scheduled in our dedicated room, two major attractions:

  1. A panel with voice actors Tohru Furuya (Amuro Ray, Pegasus Seiya) and Eric Legrand (Pegasus Seiya, Vegeta) about how they see dubbing from their respective countries. The panel is scheduled on sunday 1:30 PM.
  2. The Gunpla Cartoonist, first national Gunpla building contest in France! The entrant works are exhibited during the while event. The awarding ceremony is scheduled on sunday 4:40PM with the following guests:
    • Tohru Furuya (voice of Amuro Ray and Ribbons Almark)
    • Tomokaru Seki (voice of Domon Kasshu and Yzak Jule)
    • Yasuyuki Mutou (script on Mobile Suit Gundam UC)

We AEUG invite you to come to the greatest anime and manga event ever held in France, which will feature a whole crowd of prestigious guests. For more information, please refer to the Cartoonist’s official website.

Nous y serons !

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