Questions about the Gunpla Cartoonist contest

The frequently asked questions page about the Gunpla Cartoonist contest in now open! Right now, you cand find the following questions there:

  • Can I enter the contest if I’m not in Nice during the Cartoonist?
  • Can I submit Gundam model kits inpired from works other than from the Gundam franchise (for example Armored Trooper Votoms, Macross Frontier, etc.)?
  • Do the Gunpla works submitted have to be built especially for the contest?
  • Can one Gunpla work feature several model kits?
  • How can I know the condition of the Gunpla work I sent by mail?

You can contribute to this FAQ by submitting your own questions through the contact form (specify “G-CARTOONIST QUESTION” as subject). The FAQ will be regularly updated thanks to your participation!